Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brown Creeper nest building

Late this afternoon I stopped in at the Rotary Reserve park here in McMinnville, and before I even got started on the trail down from the parking area I was hearing Brown Creeper sounds. I soon found two very active birds, and noticed that one of them was carrying a stick. It landed on the trunk of a tree about two feet below an area of some damage, then quickly hitched its way up to some loosely-hanging slabs of bark, and maneuvered the stick into the narrow space without any sign of difficulty. I watched as it repeated this about five times in 15 minutes. I was surprised at the size of the sticks it was collecting, and wondered how it was able to make them stay in an opening that seemed to have no floor.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Flycatcher, that is very interesting behavior. I hope you will be able to follow the story thru the breeding season. I will be looking for Brown Creepers here in Colorado doing the same type of behavior. My disadvantage is not really being able to hear their call. Enjoy your blog alot. Especially, as I was born in Oregon and still visit my family back there.

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