Thursday, May 28, 2009

Western Kingbird nest in Western Oregon

On May 27 I joined two birding friends to do a "Big Day" expedition within Marion County, a 17-hr. effort to see how many species we could find in one day. South of the town of Turner we found a pair of Western Kingbirds out in the open fields, and since this species is not easy to find in northwestern Oregon, it was a very satisfying find. But it became even more satisfying when one of my teammates saw one of the birds enter the narrow opening under an insulator on the top of a utility pole, suggesting the even less likely possibility that they were nesting there. The photo of the tell-tale tail confirms the fact that it does occasionally happen here. (We identified at least 110 species for the day, but a few other brief sightings or "hearings" had to be left as unidentified.)


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