Friday, September 18, 2009

Bicolored Wren in Barranquilla, Colombia

I've learned that sometimes my best chance at finding new birds is on the way to and from the airports in the cities I visit, because the few birds I find in the city itself are usually fairly common. This time, before we even got out of the airport parking lot after arriving in Barranquilla, I watched this bird that acted like a wren, but seemed too big to be one. Not so. I discovered that it is indeed the Bicolored Wren, about 8 inches long, and found only in northern and eastern South America. I soon began to see it in many parts of this city on the northern coast of Colombia.

A day later while visiting one of the excellent high schools in this city, I enjoyed watching the iguanas that freely wandered over the lawns and climbed the trees on the campus. If you don't have squirrels, you might as well have lizards, I suppose.


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