Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vaux's Swifts entering chimney

Vaux's Swifts are again putting on a show every evening in our town (and probably in many towns in Oregon) as they go to roost in chimneys for the night. This flock of about 1,000 on my street will probably disappear within a few days as they scatter for the nesting season. I wonder how they decide which pair gets to stay in this one.


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Sarah Porter said...

dear floyd I wrote the other day about the blake headed grosbeak but I gess it didn't get through to you. in that picter looks like agazillion birds. floyd yester day I siad if you could please sometime post a huming bird or a wood peaker. I love those kids of birds They are some of my favorit birds.

At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Flycatcher said...

I'm not sure how many birds would be in a flock of a gazillion, but they would need a pretty big chimney, I'm sure. I will definitely be watching for a good chance to take a picture of a woodpecker or a hummingbird. But a hummingbird photo might be kind of blurry, don't you think?


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