Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Robin, a better choice

This evening I took a walk in McMinnville's Airport Park. It was a bright evening, but a chilly west wind was blowing. When I saw this Robin puffed up against the cold, I remembered the Rufous-bellied Thrush I photographed 10 days ago in Brazil. It occurred to me that the people of Brazil did the right thing when they chose their thrush as their national bird. In my opinion our thrush (the American Robin) would have been a better choice than the either the Bald Eagle which currently holds that position, or the Wild Turkey which Benjamin Franklin suggested. Certainly it is more familiar to most people in this country, has a very pleasing song (which neither of the others have), and... it's a beautiful bird, even though it is common. I suggest we start a campaign to elect a new national symbol, one that doesn't steal someone else's fish. :-)


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