Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few more from Buenos Aires

Home from my trip to South America, I'm still replaying the vivid mental images of birds I was able to find during my last day in Buenos Aires as I waited for my night flight home. At the nature preserve between the city and the Rio Plata there were not only many "new" birds for me to find, but by chance I met some other visiting birders. We were able to team up to help each other make the most of this sunny early spring day.

Gray-breasted Martin

Green-winged Saltator catching some warm rays of sun.

Plush-crested Jay

Rufous Hornero

Nest of Rufous Hornero made of mud with the opening on the side. I watched the robin-sized bird enter this opening on the side of the mud ball, and saw a Shiny Cowbird acting very interested in entering also. She probably wanted to lay an egg there, much like our parasitic Brown-headed Cowbirds do here in North America.


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