Monday, May 15, 2006

Hairy Woodpecker at nest

This female Hairy Woodpecker was feeding some noisy youngsters in this nest cavity last Saturday, May 13. There is also a Cooper's Hawk pair nesting in the same grove of trees along the Willamette River, which does not bode well for the lifespan of the young woodpeckers when they leave the nest in a week or two.


At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Sarah Porter said...

dear floyd that hairy woodpecker was beautiful but it looked like it was pecking at the tree at first but then I figured out that in the tree was it's nest. I love woodpekers and humming birds. well I love all birds but those two are some of my favorits.

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Mario Profaca said...

Greetings from ocean away Zagreb, Croatia!
Just thought you might like to see hawk's nest built at my balcony at 20th floor three years ago. Two squadrons of hawks have been born there on my balcony this so called 'wild birds' chosed for their home.
Obviously, there is no Empty Nest Sindrome here!
(Unfortunately, only in Croatian language so far).


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