Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steens Mountain, Harney Co., Oregon

Tomorrow morning I'm off for a few days to one of my favorite places: Malheur National Wildlife Refuge at the base of Steens Mountain. Of course there are birds and mammals and reptiles and flowers to see, but there is a special feeling about the place that is difficult for me to express. Some of it is captured in the words of John C. Van Dyke in his book, *The Desert*:
"And what air one breathes on these plains -- what wonderful air! It is exhilarating to the whole body; it brightens the senses and sweetens the mind and quiets the nerves. And how clear it is! Leagues away needle and spine and mountain-ridge still come out clear cut against the sky. Is it the air alone that makes possible such far-away visions, or has the light somewhat to do with it? What penetrating, all-pervading, wide-spread light! How silently it falls and how like a great mirror the plain reflects it back to heaven!"


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Yes said...

Hi Floyd

From your blog, and this post, I can tell that you appreciate great places in Oregon, like the Steens Mountains

I am not sure if you are familiar with the land use Measures recently on the ballot in Oregon, and how Measure 37 has opened up the possibility of development on Steens Mountain.

I am working on Measure 49, a Measure on the ballot Nov 6, 2007. Measure 49 fixes a lot of the problems with Measure 37, and would stop outrageous development claims for places like Steens.

As part of the campaign, we are seeking bloggers who will help us promote Measure 49. If you would be willing to help, please email me at

You can learn more about Measure 49 here:


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