Friday, February 26, 2010

Another wagtail

On my last day in India (yesterday) I saw a species of wagtail I had not known existed. On the lawn of the International School of Bangalore was this very handsome White-browed Wagtail. By its voice I knew it was a wagtail before I saw it, and then its actions and manner of foraging in the grass also were very characteristic of the family.

There was also a species of crow in this area some distance from the city -- the Large-billed Crow. I did not see any of them in the city where the House Crow is so common.

The area I visited is about 20 miles from central Bangalore, and there are numerous small ponds and marshy areas here. Among the few waterbirds I saw, there were some Eurasian Coots. Cattle Egrets were watching for insects close to cattle in pastures along the road, just like they do on several other continents around the world. This small group was perched in a tree on a school campus.


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